Find your direction

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Find your direction

Remember as Persian poet Rumi said ‘This Too Shall Pass’. This exercise gives you a way to create a vision of a positive future when this is all over, and to help you to plan the practical steps you can take towards that reality right now. It’s called The Nirvana Letter. I have tried this on myself and I find it a very effective and cheering exercise

What to write

Imagine yourself in three, six or 12 months from now (depending on how optimistic you are) coming out of the Covid19 crisis and all your good intentions and dreams have come true. [Note: within the bounds of reality, so hitchhiking round Europe’s clearly not a goer].

You have taken this time to achieve everything you always meant to do when you had time and space. Everything you hoped for has happened and imagine that you are looking back at one of the most successful and fulfilling times of your life.

Write a letter to your best friend from that time and place. Imagine clearly and describe exactly where you are at the time of writing. Date the letter. Tell your best friend in great detail what you have done in the time between today and then to get you to the happy place you’re in. Work your way back from the future to today, outlining the milestones and important moments along the way.

The kinds of things you could explore are:

  • What kind of life have you led for these few months?
  • What have you achieved?
  • What steps did you take to accomplish these achievements?
  • How is your family life?
  • What passions have you reconnected with?
  • How have your hobbies or interests developed?
  • What have you done that’s just for you?
  • What have your found out about yourself?

The ‘Write yourself a Nirvana Letter’ is adapted for Covid19 times from Coach Yourself To Success by Tom Preston.

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