Why do you need a coach? You’ve been promoted or headhunted into your current role because you know what you’re doing. Absolutely.

But do you know why you operate the way you do? What drives you? Why do certain company or team behaviours feel uncomfortable, and sometimes really push your buttons? How do you really want to be as a leader? How do you create a happy and productive team? How do you combine feeling you have a purpose to your work with the realities of hitting demanding performance targets? How do you get others to share your vision? Or even find out what your vision is?

I speak from personal experience in saying that many of us ‘arrive’ at our career destination without ever really having taken time to discover what it is that is really driving and motivating us. And without examining our values enough to know how we want to be as a leader or a member of a team.  Without being aware of ourselves, we can find our working life very uncomfortable. An unacknowledged clash of values between yourself and the role that you are being asked to perform can, for example, be immensely stressful.

My job is to help you to become aware of your core values, motivating drivers, self-limiting beliefs and how you overcome or use those to become a great team member or leader. You will be able to understand your strengths and stress points and use this awareness to enhance your performance and your happiness. And sometimes, honestly, you will discover that you are uncomfortable because you’re in the wrong role or the wrong company.

Whatever the outcome, you will know, articulate and be able to act on your own advice. I firmly believe that the head that contains the challenge, also contains the answer.

I bring a broad base of media and business experience to coaching. Coaching is not about me telling you what to do, but about you becoming aware and taking responsibility for your actions. Occasionally, however, I will ask you if you would like to hear from my experience. Sometimes it can be helpful to hear from someone who’s tackled many of the same challenges that you’re facing.

I had a brilliant coach when I was a leader and have seen how powerful and useful a good coaching relationship can be from both sides.