For most of us work and life are not separate entities. Work is a necessity to have the life or lifestyle that we want to achieve. I found in recent years that I’d built up a lovely life…but just wasn’t in it. I had a lovely house in the countryside, a husband, a dog and a horse. Perfect. Except that I was working so hard that I was almost never in my house, a gardener did the garden, a dog-walker cared for my dog all day and someone else rode my horse. I was actually employing 4 people to maintain the lovely life that I wasn’t having! It took me a very long time to give myself permission to say “I don’t want to do this”.

I use this as an example just to illustrate how hard it is to change course from something you think you should want. And, of course, we have to be real. I can’t afford not to work, I have elderly parents who live nearby, I have a husband with his career to think of, and friends I’d hate to leave. So I can’t chuck it all in and go and write a novel in the Shetlands!

I’m never going to tell you to just throw in the towel and head for the beaches of Cancun (especially not at the moment). In fact I’m probably not going to ‘tell’ you anything. Personal coaching is just that – it’s personal to you and you have the answers.

It’s a process during which I can help you to find where you’re at now, what you want next and how to make small, practical steps to make change. That change could be anything from changing your lifestyle, having better family relationships, or switching careers.  You will become aware of your own values, beliefs and drivers which will motivate and underpin your actions. Because change is difficult. If it wasn’t we’d do it all the time and I’d be out of a job. Coaching is the process through which you will get movement, take action and discover change is possible.