I always thought that coaching was about actions, and what it would help me to do. The gift of Sara's thoughtful approach to coaching is how it makes me feel. I come away energised, motivated and always surprised by an insight I wasn't expecting. She is making a real difference to my quality of life.

Saska GravilleFounder MPoweredwomen.net

Sara brings a real depth of personal and professional experience to her coaching.

Warm and wise, she was a very safe coaching pair of hands from our first coaching session together.

Gently challenging (if you want it) yet encouraging, she has given me the perspective I urgently needed on some of my blockers to setting up my business and the confidence to just get on with it!

I recommend her to all, and especially senior leaders who want a coach who’s personally held a seat at the top table.

Hannah SaundersManaging Director and Business Consultant

Sara helped me to reflect and achieve a clarity of thinking that supported the continued growth of our business. Her insightful questions unlocked my thinking and enabled me to take action.

Helen TupperCEO, Amazing If, and co-author of The Squiggly Career

As a freelancer, Sara has helped me to identify my core values and what’s important to me both in life and work, making it easier to know what type of contracts will make me feel more fulfilled. Her coaching is proving invaluable in identifying my strengths and building my self-confidence … there have been some real light bulb moments! I didn’t think coaching was for me but I’m so glad I’ve done it and I can’t recommend Sara highly enough!

Hayley ChesterArts Marketing Consultant & Senior Management

Sara’s careful and considered approach to coaching has been massively helpful as we try to reposition the business. We began these conversations before C19, but it has also been really helpful to have someone to talk honestly through the challenges of leadership and business through the pandemic.”

Martin TrippMD, Tripp Associates Executive Search